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Message is a module to send messages via email or chat. Furthermore, SweepMe! internal messages can be used to inform the user during the run.


SweepMe! MessageBox

Create a message box with the given message.

SweepMe! MessageInfo

Add a message to the message queue of the tab 'Measurement'.

SweepMe! MessagBalloon

Create a message balloon with the given message.

SweepMe! Debug

Add a message to the Debug widget.

SweepMe! WriteLog

Add a message to the logbook file.


Send an email via a email server. Standard port is 587 (cannot be changed at the moment). You have to enter your email address and password using the fields "User/ID" and "Password". Recipients are comma separated email addresses as if you would use 'TO' (not 'CC' and not 'BCC').


Connect to Rocket.Chat and send messages to channels, groups or single accounts. You have to enter "User" name and "Password". Alternatively you can enter an "ID" and a "Token". Channels and groups can be selected by using a '#' in front. Direct messages can be sent by using '@' in front. If none of these signs is in front of the recipient all channels, groups and accounts will be searched for a match.

Multiple recipients can be added by using , or ; as separator, e.g "#sweepme, @testuser, #all_users"


The Message module supports the password store. If you choose "remember", the password will be saved in an internal store of the Windows operating system that can only be accessed from the Windows account that saved the password. The password will not be saved to the setting file and thus cannot be accidentally distributed when data and settings are shared.