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Graphical user interface

Wavelength in nm

key: "Wavelength"

The wavelength in nm that is applied if the Sweep mode is set to None.

Light output

key: "Output"

A drop-down menu to select available output ports if the monochromator has multiple ones.


key: "Filter"

A combo box to select a filter or add a string that defines the filter-wavelength changes.


key: "Grating"

A combo box to select a grating or add a string that defines the grating-wavelength changes.

Input slit in µm

key: "SlitInput"

The width of the input slit in µm.

Output slit in µm

key: "SlitOutput"

The width of the output slit in µm.

Current motor position

key: "MotorPosition"

A field to enter a number that tells the driver at which position the monochromator currently is. Basically this feature is needed for older monochromators that do not remember their position after switching them off. If you use this field, please add a variable that starts with "Motor position" to your device class. Then, the module will update the value in the field during the measurement, so that you do not need to enter it again after a run.

Device class programming

Wavelength in nm

Please provide 'None' as Sweep mode. If the user selects 'None', the entered wavelength in the field 'Wavelength in nm' can be used for the measurement. Otherwise the wavelength can be set during apply.

Filter-wavelength dependence

A dependence between filter number and wavelength could be defined like: 1 <- 500 nm -> 3 <- 1000 nm -> 2 <- 1500 nm -> 4

Here, filter 1 is used until 500 nm, followeed by filter until 1000 nm. Filter 2 is used until 1500 nm and for all higher wavelength, filter 4 is used. We recommend to stick with the above scheme to have a uniform handling for all device classes that are created for the module Monochromator. An example can be found in the device class 'Monochromator-Newport_OrielCornerstone260'.

Grating-wavelength dependence

Similarly to a filter-wavelength dependence, a grating-wavelength dependence could be defined like: 1 <- 800 nm -> 3 <- 1400 nm -> 2

Go home

The button "Go home" should be used to bring a monochromator to its home position. It only works if the device class has a function "go_home". In this case, the following functions are called:

  1. connect
  2. go_home
  3. disconnect

The function "go_home" should provide all necessary commands to go back to the home position, including initialize and deinitialize if needed.

If you are using SweepMe! 1.5.4, please update the Monochromator module.