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Stop is a Module used for specific waiting tasks in the measurement.

Attention: We plan to remove the stop functionality from SweepMe! as it has a rather special purpose. We recommend to not use it anymore and create similar procedures by programming with the sequencer. For example, such a stop functionality can be replaced by creating a list of value and read it using the module ReadValues.


After one measurement point, modules switch their devices to a given stopvalue for the given stoptime. When the next point is measured, all devices go back to their desired sweep value during apply. The idea behind stop is to remove any stress from the investigated sample for a given time before the next measurement point is done.


Double-click Stop in the sequencer tab to edit the time. SweepMe! waits the given time in seconds after changing the applied parameters of each device to the idle value if given.


This Module can be used to reduce stress on a device. Furthermore, a stop time can be used to vary the time between consecutive parameter calls.