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SweepMe! version: >= 1.5.5

TableValues can be used to create values in a tabular form, e.g. to perform conditional parameter variations.


  • Use the right-click menu of headers and cells to find various actions like adding, shifting or removing rows and columns.
  • Double click on a column header to change variable name, unit, plot and save type.
  • The first column is always the Sweep value of the module, if a sweep is performed.
  • Deactivate rows by using the right-click menu of the left sides row header. Deactivated rows are left out during the run.


  • A measurement should be done for several samples. The first column is filled with the sample names. As the first column represents the Sweep value of the module, the sample names are automatically used for the legend of the plot (in combination with Widget Plot) or for the file name (in combination with Module MakeFile). Other columns of the table can be used to enter x- and y-coordinates for a robot or to enter a parameter for a switching matrix.