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Version: 1.5.3.x

Delay is a module that can introduce a waiting time between two measurement points. You can adjust the delay time by double-clicking the module in the sequencer. SweepMe! will make sure that at least the given delay time is waited for before the next measurement point starts. If the delay time has already been passed since the last measurement point, no further delay time will be applied. Thus, Delay ensures that the next measurement point starts after the given delay time since the last measurement pointed but not less than it.

Delay is basically used to make sure that measurement points are equally spaced in time.


If you use a delay of 1 s and your instrument needs 200 ms to take a measurement, then Delay will wait for 800 ms before the next measurement point is started. If your instrument needs 900 ms to measure, Delay will just wait 100 ms and if your instrument needs more than 1 s, Delay will not add any wait time.


  • You like to send data to a server every 15 s but the sensors you are reading out have a varying time to collect the data.
  • You would like to ramp a voltage with a given time interval, e.g. 100 mV per second. If your measurement device needs e.g. 50 ms to measure you can add a delay of 100 ms and you can make sure that every 100 ms the voltage is changed.