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The module NetworkAnalyzuer is used to retrieve S-parameters from PNA or VNA instruments. At each measurement point created in the sequencer, a full frequency scan of S-parameters is returned by the driver.

User interface


Select the driver.


Select the communication port. Use 'Find ports' to refresh the list of ports.

Key: "Port"


Select the calibration. Use 'Find calibrations' to refresh the list of calibrations. Which calibrations are presented depends on the driver and you can find further details in the description of the driver. In general, all calibration files must be saved to the public SweepMe! folder "CalibrationFiles".

Key: "Calibration"


Select the measurement ports that are connected to the device under test, e.g. "1,2" to retrieve S11, S12, S21, and S22. You can also use "1,3,4" to retrieve all 9 S-parameters between these ports or "1,2,3,4" to get all 16 S-parameters. If your instrument only has two ports, you can only use "1,2" or one of the two ports.

Key: "Terminals"


Select whether an internal or external trigger is used and whether a trigger delay should be used.

Key: "Trigger" Key: "TriggerDelay"

Frequency range

Define the list of frequency. Insert a start and end freuqency. Depending on the driver you can have different options to create linearly or logarithmicly spaced frequencies.

=== Calibrations