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In text fields ("LineEdits") you can use placeholders which will be replaced by a variable if the content of the text field is read out. Should there be a text field that does not accept these placeholders, please write to

Predefined placeholders

Time and date

  • %d day
  • %m month
  • %y year 2 digits
  • %Y year 4 digits
  • %H hour 24h
  • %I hour 12h
  • %p PM or AM
  • %M minute
  • %S second

Universal constants



  • Change folder and file name automatically
  • Use a global parameter that is used in different modules, e.g. Calc or CustomFunction
  • Use a parameter in the SweepEditor to make sweeps from %var1 to -%var1 in steps of %var2 where %var1 and %var2 are predefined variables

Starting from version 1.5.4., individual placeholders can be defined using the Module Formular.