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We have two categories of beta versions: closed and open beta.

Closed beta

Closed beta versions are used to test new features and new upgrade versions before they are released via the download page.

Closed beta versions can be downloaded after registering a account which can be done here. After login, you will find "Downloads and Developer Tools" on your Dashboard page. Please select "Download SweepMe! Test version (Closed Beta)" and the download will start.

The closed beta version is a self-extractable exe-archive made with the program 7-zip. Just double-click and it will unpack the version. It will directly create the ready-to-use version folder and there is no extra installer. Please note that the self-extractable archive has not been signed and thus you might see a warning.

When you execute the self-extractable exe-archive you will be asked for a folder to unpack. Please choose the main SweepMe! folder, e.g. "C:\SweepMe!" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\SweepMe!". An individual subfolder indicating the closed beta version will be automatically created, so that you can install these versions in parallel to other offical SweepMe! distributions.

In contrast to official versions or open beta versions, closed beta versions will create a subfolder like "Beta_SweepMe!v1.5.5.35.(exe)_291120". It has the prefix "Beta" and contains the full version number and the date of creation. To remove such a version, just uninstall the folder.

Open beta

Open beta versions can be obtained via the download page and using the WebInstaller. These versions are basically identical to official release version in the way how they are created and installed. New features have previously been tested using close beta version so that one can assume that open beta versions are already more stable. Of course, early versions are never free from bugs which is why we recommend to use open beta versions not for productive systems.

Open beta versions are typically listed as second or third choice in the WebInstaller, so you have to select the right version to download it.

Once an official release version is available, you can directly update your open beta version in SweepMe! and you are to up to date and no extra download is needed. Because of that, open beta versions have already a subfolder name like "SweepMe!_1.5.5" that is the same like the one of the later official release.

After a new upgrade version is released, it is likely that no open beta version is available until the next upgrade version is availble for testing.