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When you download SweepMe! via our download page, you will first download a small program called "WebInstaller". It has a certificate and is signed to Felix Kaschura who is one of the founders and creators of SweepMe!.

After starting the WebInstaller, you can select the product which is at the moment only SweepMe! and you can select the version. Always the latest stable version is presented as first choice but there might be other versions available as well.

If the WebInstaller does not show you any version, it is likely that your firewall or your proxy is blocking communication between the WebInstaller and you server. In this case, please create a sweep-me.net account here and download a full-installer in the section "Direct SweepMe! installer download" of the Dashboard page. Please note that these full-installer have not been siged and you might see a warning during the installation.