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SweepMe creates several folders at the first start which can be retrieved via the FolderManager:

import FolderManager
FoMa = FolderManager.FolderManager()

The above example initializes the FolderManager and prints out the path to the temp folder. Each folder is related to a certain string.


  • "TEMP" = tempfolder in SweepMe! installation folder
  • "PUBLIC" = public SweepMe! folder of public operation system user
  • "ROAMING" = SweepMe! folder in roaming folder of current operation system user
  • "MAIN" = SweepMe!.exe installation folder
  • "CUSTOMDEVICES" = DeviceClasses in PUBLIC
  • "CALIBRATIONS" = Calibration folder in PUBLIC
  • "CUSTOM"= Custom files in PUBLIC
  • "EXTLIBS" = External libraries such as dlls in PUBLIC