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Interfaces is currently a beta features - please report problems or features requests to

Interfaces allow to communicate with SweepMe! from an internal application. There are interfaces implemented which can be found via menu "Tools" -> "Interfaces".


  • run -> start a measurement, returns "Ok"
  • pause -> pause a measurement, returns "Ok"
  • is_running -> returns True or False
  • is_paused -> returns True or False
  • hello -> prints "Hello" to the Debug widget and returns "hello" (can be used to test the service)
  • get_parameters -> returns a list of available parameters (compare with widget Parameters)
  • get_value -> accepts one argument, returns the value of the parameter
  • get_values -> accepts multiple arguments, returns the values of the parameters
  • get_status -> returns a json-based string containing a status information
  • get_version -> returns the SweepMe! version
  • print -> accepts an argument that is printed in the Debug widget, returns "Ok"
  • debug -> accepts an argument that is shown as debug message in the Debug widget, returns "Ok"

Command and possible arguments are separated by space.

COM port

Web socket

HTTP server