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SweepMe! version >= 1.5.5

Licenses can be obtained for Add-on modules. Please contact us for a quote. We offer a substantial discount to universities and institutes with an academic focus.


  • A license key has the structure XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX (8 digits - 8 digits - 8 digits)
  • Multiple licenses can be activated using the menu 'Licenses' of the Version manager.
  • The content that was download can be used forever. The only exception is if a license is deactivated on that computer.
  • The activation of license only works for the corresponding amount of computer places.


  • Licenses can be deactivated to use them on another computer, e.g. if a computer will be renewed. They can be activated again on the other machine as long as the number of currently activated does not reach the number of purchased computer places.
  • During the deactivation, all modules will be removed that had been activated additionally by the license.