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This page is a collection of known bugs in SweepMe! which may have unforseen or risky consequences. If you find a bug which is not in this list, submit a new ticket, please.


The following tables list bugs known to the developers which affect the SweepMe! main program or official modules. The lists are maintained in all conscience but may be incomplete. The absence of entries for a specific version does not allow to deduce that the software is free of bugs.

List of Bugs

Bugs in SweepMe!

Description Implication Status Fixed in Version Workaround Comment
Widgets are not correctly saved to settings After loading settings, widgets are floating or at wrong position Open - Save setting, reload, fix widget and resave setting. in progress
Unchecked widgets are not saved to setting if setting is saved during run Setting cannot be reloaded correctly. Fixed Do not save settings during run Please update to a newer version
Removal of a floating widget during a run using the right-top corner cross in beta version <= Programm crashes Fixed Do not close the widget during run Please update to a newer version
"Delete version" in version manager deletes entire folder "CustomDevices" for beta version to Loss of all custom Device Classes Fixed Do not use button "Delete version" Please update to a newer version
Only a single 1D data file with Loop = nonstop Missing data Fixed - Please update to a newer version
Seldom, random freezes in version 1.5.3.x Program does not react Fixed - Please update to a newer version
Plots with the same name are overwritten Not all images are saved Fixed - Could be problematic when plots show the same but with different slicing
Using 'stop' functionality does not work Measurement aborts Fixed - Please update to a newer version

Bugs in Modules

Module Description Implication Status Fixed in Version Workaround Comment
Temperature Temperature module does not work Measurement stops immediately Fixed - Update to a newer version

Known Issues

Issue Description Recommendation Comment
Windows Update forces a restart and interrupts measurement Especially in Windows 10, Windows has a strict update policy and forces restarts of your computer, even if applications like SweepMe! are still running. This can interrupt a measurement and in the worst case damage your equipment. In Windows 10, you can define Active Hours, during which Windows will not install updates and restart. For long-running or over-night measurements, set the Active Hours accordingly. As an administrator, you can set a group policy that Windows will not resart as long as a user is logged in.
After changing the name of a DeviceClass, the setting has to be renewed The setting does not work anymore. 'Find ports' does not load any ports. Please change the DeviceClass to the new one and save your setting. We will introduce a DeviceClass ID to the setting in a future version to overcome this issue.