List of Included Python Packages

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The following table lists Python Packages which can be used in a Device Class without further requirements, unless otherwise noted.

Python Package Package Version Package License Included in SweepMe! Can be used in Device Classes without obligations
Python Standard Library: base64, collections, ConfigParser, copy, ctypes, functools, hashlib, json, math, operator, os, shutil, struct, subprocess, sys, thread, time, traceback, types 2.7 PSF License ≥ Yes
numpy 1.8.0 BSD 3-clause License ≥ Yes
scipy 0.13.2 BSD 3-clause License ≥ Yes
matplotlib 1.3.1 BSD-compatible matplotlib-license ≥ Yes
PyVISA 1.4 MIT License ≥ Yes
pyserial 2.7 PSF-like License ≥ Yes
psutil 5.2.2 BSD 3-clause License ≥ Yes
opencv/cv2 ??? BSD 3-clause License ≥ Yes
PIL 1.1.7 PIL License ≥ The copyright notice and the permission notice must be included in a supporting documentation[1]
  1. The PIL license does not clearly state whether the notice must be included in copies of the library only or also in work that uses the library. To be on the safe side, the copyright notice and the permission notice should always be included in a Device Class when using the PIL.

If you need to use a Python Package that is not in the list, you need to bundle those with your Device Class Package as demonstrated in the ImportModules Demonstration Device Class and comply with the corresponding license.