Module Programming

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Almost any functionality can be added to SweepMe! on the Module level.

Basic steps

The basic libraries to create a Module are Qt5 in combination with PySide2.

To program own modules, you need a license key. Please contact us here:

  1. Create the GUI: GUI elements are arranged in a layout which is loaded into the Tab that comes with every Module. You can create such a layout independent from SweepMe! by creating a function that returns a layout.
  2. Define actions: Whenever the Module changes visibility, is loaded by a setting or after the start of the program, you need to define functions if needed
  3. Link to sequencer functions: If a measurement is started, SweepMe! will run a well-defined set of functions. In this step, you have to tell SweepMe! what should be done.
  4. Test your Module: Try to combine it with other modules and see whether it can interact.