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Measurement data

SweepMe! stores all measurement data that is created during a run in the folder 'temp' of your SweepMe! installation. Each file starts with "temp_". Upon clicking 'Save data', this string string is replaced by the file name given in the 'Measurement'-tab. Subsequently, the data is copied to a folder which name is defined in the 'Measurement'-tab as well. This folder will be created inside your user/profile folder of public measurement folder.

Your data can then be found here:

<public user>\SweepMe!\Measurement data\<user/profile>\<given folder name>


  • <public user> is the public user of the operating system,
  • <user/profile> the name of your selected user or profile, and
  • <given folder name> is the folder name that was given in the 'Measurement'-tab.

The file creation can be controlled via the Module MakeFile.


  • You can change the measurement folder via File -> Options -> Paths
  • You can create subfolders by using folder names with backslashes, e.g.: "folder\subfolder1\subfolder2"