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You can save and load the configuration of your measurement procdure as a setting. All settings are simple human-readable text files with the file ending ".set". Use any editor to see the content of your settings. You can find these setting in the public SweepMe! folder of the public user "<public user>\SweepMe!\settings\".

Settings as configuration

Load example

SweepMe! comes with some pre-defined settings that underline the basic priniciples. All these examples should immediately work on your computer with no need to attach any external device or instrument. Just press 'Run' and see what happens. Have a look at the 'Sequencer'-Tab to understand the procedure.

Save a setting

If you have configured your measurement by using the Sequencer, go to Main menu -> Settings -> Save setting to specify the filename.

Load a setting

To load a previously saved configuration, go to Main menu -> Settings -> Load setting to select a file.

Set a standard setting

Often you want to perform the same measurement over and over again. In that case, store your setting as a standard which will be loaded at the program start. Go to Main menu -> Settings -> "Set as standard".


There are further automatically generated settings such as 'last run', 'last session', or 'standard'. These settings are generated when you start a measurement, when you close SweepMe! or whenm you use "Set as standard". If you forget to save your settings, these settings might help you to restore your measurement

Settings as description

Whenever you save a measurement, the setting of the current procedure is automatically copied to your measurement data folder. This setting will later tell you how SweepMe! was configured. If you like to restore the measurement related to some saved data, you can simply load this setting again.