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On this page you can find information on where to start if something does not work as desired.

Collecting Information

In the SweepMe! directory, you will find a file called debug.log. In this file you may find useful information about a problem. If you do not know what the messages mean, this information can still be useful for others, so always attach the debug.log file when asking for support. Please note: This file may be empty if SweepMe! is still running. So close SweepMe! before accessing the file.

Alternatively, you can open the "Debug Console" (key "F2") in order to see debug messages.

Common Problems

Problem Reason Solution
SweepMe! does not start or crashes during startup SweepMe! installation is broken Go to and download and install SweepMe! again.
A defective component leads to a crash Delete all Device Classes in the DeviceClass folder, that have been provided by third parties.
The problem occurs only after a Windows Update or on a computer with a new Windows Version Right click on SweepMe!.exe and click on Properties, select the Compatibility tab, and choose Windows 8 or Windows 7 to run SweepMe! in this compatibility mode or try different settings.
Starting SweepMe! using a command line yields "LoadLibrary(pythondll) failed". This error typically occurs if you start SweepMe! from a path which is not supported by your Windows language settings and charakters of your path are not correctly shown in the Windows command line. Please change your SweepMe! path or change your Windows language settings in order to support all charakters.
The measurement does not start The sequencer is not filled correctly Go to the Sequencer Tab in SweepMe! an put the correct Modules there. Also read about the Sequencer for complex measurements.
One or more devices are not configured correctly Go to the device configuration tab of every device you use in the sequencer and check if you selected the correct device, port and parameters.
One or more of the used Device Classes are broken Run the device-manager.exe and check if updates for the device class are available. You can also go to and check the information about your device.
Other Other Report a Problem or Bug on the SweepMe! support center website.

Reporting a Bug

To report a problem or a bug, go to Describe your problem or how to reproduce the bug as detailed as possible. Also attach the debug.log file and a settings file (see Loading and Saving Settings for instructions to create a settings file) that can be loaded to reproduce the bug.