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A module is an item that can be put into the sequencer. It typically comes with an own graphic user interface (GUI) that allow the user to configure it. There are different kind of modules:

  • Basic modules such as Loop, MakeFile, Hold allow a basic control over the measurement and are used in most measurement procedures.
  • Device modules such as SMU, Spectrometer, LCRmeter allow to load Device classes where the interface communication is defined. These modules can thus be used to interact with external devices and instruments.
  • Add-on modules such as MQTT, Condition, Form are not part of the SweepMe! main program. These modules are not needed to perform a good measurement, e.g. to reproduce results from scientific publications, but can greatly extend the functionality of the program. They can be added by contacting us ( We plan to distribute them for free to private users.

Here, is a list of all modules that have an article so far. Please, contact us if you need further or more detailed description.