Getting Started

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Last update for: Version 1.5.4.x

  • Download SweepMe! here [1]
  • Start the installer and use the recommended path to simplify later version handling and migration
  • Start SweepMe!.exe
  • Accept or decline a server connection
  • Create a profile that stores your options and that creates a folder for your measurement data
  • A preconfigured measurement can be instantly started without the need to connect any equipment
  • Other examples can be loaded via Settings -> Load example
  • SweepMe! has two important tabs Measurement and Sequencer
  • The Measurement tab allows you to choose a user and save your data.
  • The Sequencer tab is where the magic takes place. Use it to setup your measurement.
  • Important folders, e.g. where your measurement data is, can be found via File -> Open Folder -> Measurement Data
  • Check whether you are ready to use device communication via GPIB, USB, and COM
  • Further content such as Modules or Devices can be downloaded via the menu Modules&Devices
  • Add widgets via the menu 'Window' to the DockingStation
  • Widgets such as Plot, Monitor, Image, Notes can be created before and during a measurement